routine examination


A Dental Health Essential

Dental examinations are vital for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Your appointments provide early detection and diagnosis of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, oral infection, bite alignment, and other oral health issues.


Improve your health

Dental examinations with your Boca Raton cosmetic and restorative dentist are recommended two times per year. Your examination includes a thorough observation of your teeth, gum tissue, and jaw bone health.


Routine check-ups help reduce the risks to your overall health. They can also eliminate the need for additional and potentially costly dental treatment.


Accurate and easy diagnosis

Some oral health issues are not detectable with a visual examination. X-ray technology provides your dentist a more accurate perspective on your teeth, gums, and mouth.


Dental x-rays enable your dentist to pinpoint any oral health issues that require treatment. The technology is a safe and saves your time with faster image viewing.


Combine your dental examination with your teeth cleaning. This will also save you time and enable you to receive necessary treatment faster.


Contact our Boca Raton dental office to schedule you and your family’s next dental examination and x-rays.