Prevent Damage Caused by Teeth Grinding

A night guard can be used during sleep to control teeth-grinding (bruxism). The treatment is custom-designed by your Boca Raton dentist to prevent tooth damage, wear, and help eliminate jaw and neck pain.


Teeth grinding occurs without your knowledge. You will often notice symptoms that develop including a misaligned bite, your teeth not fitting together properly, sensitive teeth, and jaw, face, or neck pain during awake hours.


Grinding can cause tooth damage. Enamel erosion, cracks, and fractures are common if you avoid treatment.


Your night guard will be custom-designed to fit your bite. The appliance protects your tooth surfaces and helps relax your jaw muscles during sleep.


Contact our Boca Raton dental office about your tooth damage or jaw pain. Schedule a dental examination to determine if you’re grinding your teeth and discuss treatment with a night guard.