implant infection treatment


Preserve the Health of Your Dental Implant

Implant infection treatment focuses on the prevention of further damage to your dental implant and the surrounding gum tissue. Oral infection at your implant site can lead to more serious issues with your bone and gum tissue.


Impacted food or improper oral hygiene are common causes of oral infection. Foods such as popcorn and those that contain small seeds are often the culprits.


Food that remains beneath your gum tissue or on your tooth surfaces can lead to an infection. Your dental implant is resistant to infection and decay but your bone and gum tissue surrounding it is not.


Plaque and tartar that form beneath the surface of your dental crown, around your implant, in in your gum tissue can harbor harmful oral bacteria. Accumulating bacteria will produce a rampant infection if it’s not removed.


Implant infection treatment targets the vulnerable tissue areas surrounding your dental implant. The area is cleaned, treated with a disinfecting solution, and, if necessary, with antibiotics.


The procedure also checks for any bone tissue damage. Further treatment of your implant site could be necessary to determine if your bone will reattach to your implant following infection treatment.


Contact your Boca Raton dentist about inflammation or infection around your dental implant. Schedule a dental examination to discuss implant infection treatment to restore your gum and bone tissue health.