fixed implant dentures


A Better Way to Secure Your Dentures

Dentures are a simple solution for replacing  your missing teeth. Over time your dentures can slip or begin to fit poorly.


Denture stabilization can prevent unnecessary movement. Your dentures will fit more securely without the use of uncomfortable adhesives.


Your bone and gum tissue change while wearing dentures. As the changes occur your denture will begin to slip and not fit properly.


Jawbone atrophy can occur while wearing dentures. Relining your denture or replacing it is the most common option.


An implant supported denture is a more permanent solution. Smaller (mini) implants can be placed to stabilize your denture.


Four small implants placed strategically in your jaw becomes a secure anchor for your denture. Your new denture will be placed on top of the four implants to hold it in place.


Your denture will be more stable. The procedure will also improve your chewing and speaking ability by eliminating movement and slipping.


Over time your implants will be absorbed into your bone tissue. Your denture will remain fixed and stable on top of the implants without the risk of bone loss.


Contact your Boca Raton cosmetic and restorative dentis about the stability of your denture. Schedule a consultation to discuss denture stabilization using implants.