dental sealants


Decay Protection for Your Teeth

Dental sealants protect your teeth from the damage caused by tooth decay. The treatment covers your tooth surfaces with a layer of tooth-colored protection.


The sealant is applied to the outer, visible surface of each tooth. It penetrates and covers the deep grooves on your tooth that are most vulnerable to plaque, tartar, and potential decay.


Dental sealants create a protective barrier on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. They prevent the acids within the foods you eat from eroding your tooth enamel.


Your dental sealant treatment can last up to ten years or longer. It’s a cost-effective procedure that is also recommended for protecting your child’s teeth during early development.


Dental sealants can be applied to your teeth within minutes. The application is non-invasive and can be completed during your scheduled dental examination or teeth cleaning appointment.


Your teeth will be cleaned and dried prior to the treatment. The sealant material is brushed onto each tooth surface and bonds to your teeth with the help of a special curing light.


Contact your dentist in Boca Raton about protecting your teeth with dental sealants.