colored fillings



Natural-Looking Dental Fillings

Composite fillings match the natural shade and color of your teeth. The procedure is less invasive and provides a tooth restoration that will last.


The composite materials are bonded to your tooth surface. This eliminates the time consuming tooth preparation that’s common with metal-fillings.


The damage and decayed portions of your teeth are removed. Your composite filling creates a new, strong, and healthy tooth structure.


Composite fillings can treat the area near or on your gum line. They are also effective on the areas between your front teeth and the chewing surface of a molar.


A composite filling is can be used to replace your silver (amalgam) fillings. They provide a healthier tooth restoration and improve your appearance.


The procedure removes existing tooth decay and any damaged tooth enamel. Your tooth surface is prepared to enable a sturdy bond with the materials used.


The composite filling material is matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth. A curing light is then used to complete your procedure by bonding the filling to your tooth surface.


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