Close Your Missing Tooth Gap and Restore Your Appearance

A dental bridge fills the space between your teeth caused by tooth loss. The treatment prevents the shifting that occurs when you have missing teeth.


Tooth movement can also impact your bite and cause soreness in your jaw and face. Teeth that shift can provide an environment for dental plaque to form increasing your risk of oral disease or the need for additional dental treatment.


Dental bridges can improve the appearance of your smile. The treatment also costs less than other tooth replacement options.


Your bridge is fixed in place by using your existing teeth or dental implants. Teeth or implants on either side of your missing tooth gap become anchor points (abutments).


The replacement tooth (pontic) is attached to a tooth or dental implant on each abutment. This creates a solid, secure tooth restoration.


Dental bridges require two appointments. Your abutment teeth are first prepared to fit a dental crown and make room for your replacement tooth.


An impression is taken and sent to a lab for creating your custom-fitted dental bridge. A temporary bridge is placed to protect your exposed teeth and gums while your permanent bridge is being created.


Your permanent dental bridge is placed during your second appointment. The bridge will be adjusted for fit and comfort.


Contact your cosmetic and restorative dentist in Boca Raton about a dental bridge.