bridge implants


Close Your Missing Tooth Gap and Restore Your Appearance

A bridge implant is a functional treatment for tooth loss. Implants form the necessary support without the need for an implant to replace each missing tooth.


Bridge implants require space between your missing teeth, healthy gum tissue, and adequate bone tissue to support implant placement. Your dental implants will be placed at strategic locations to create a supportive foundation for your bridge.


Your implants will adapt to your bone tissue. Once healed and secure your bridge will be connected to your implants.


A bridge implant is not vulnerable to decay or cavities. It’s vital that you maintain your oral health to avoid infection and prevent damage to your implant and surrounding tissue.


Care for your bridge implant as you would your natural teeth. Avoid hard, sticky foods to prevent fracturing or cracking your bridge.


Schedule consistent dental examinations to monitor the health of your gums and bone tissue. This will also assure that your bridge implant is secure and free from any infection or damage related issues.


Contact your dentist in Boca Raton about your tooth loss. Schedule a consultation to discuss a bridge implant to fill your tooth gap.